Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I admit it, I am one of those people who just can not spell kindergarten right! I always appreviate it no matter where I am because I can not remmeber if it is a t or a d!!!!!

ETHAN has started Kindergarten! I am writing this today because today was the first day that I was not able to walk him into the school building and his class! - and beacuse I haven't blogged in a super long time- but we wont linger on that! :)

Ethan was super nervous...I follow the blue line mama,... the one on the right, right?,.....I can do this mama, right?.... Other than that, so far everything has been a piece of cake! He likes riding the bus home and seems to really like the cute little girl named Bella ("that starts with a "b"sound mama") that sits at his table in class. He loves the Guinea Pig in his class and even started writing sentences for me this weekend... He is afraid of reading "I cant do it so good" but he is coming along just fine!

So today I shed a tear! I held it together last week but seeing my "handsome man" waving energetically and screaming bye mama as he was walking down the cement sidewalk into the school was more than I could take! He did keep checking to see if I was watching as I drove away!

So far so good! Now if I could only get him to quit calling me MAMA!!!!!!

Let's try this again!

So much time I have missed! So many good things to write about! and unfortuantely again I have found myself at the bottom of all of my friends' blog lists! Time to get back at it! So I am going to start September like it is a new year and start this blog up again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Back to Disney !!!

In the wake of being asked to go back to Disney later this year -with our very good friends (not sure that is going to happen) I decided to back up and write about our trip to Disney!

We went the second week in March and had a fantastic time! Before going, Miss Emelia ended up with the stomach bug and then passed it on to Mommy and Daddy! Needless to say, we left for our trip later than planned and did not get to spend time with Garrets dad and Joan like we had planned! We left Friday afternoon on the 13th and spent the night in Daytona. We were there brite and early Saturday morning and they let us check into our hotel by 11:00 AM!

We went to the parks everyday! Our family favorites are Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios! Animal Kingdom is a close runner up! We stayed at the Wilderness Lodge again and the kids act like it is thier second home!

For the first time we went to the T-Rex restaurant for dinner in downtown disney one night! Ethan loved it so much he didn't even want to stay in the Lego store! WOW! It was a really neat, albiet loud place!

Ethan also got to ride his first "big" rollercoaster, or several rollercoasters! He rode Everest with me twice and both times he said that he wanted to ride 100 times more!
This year we asked the kids if they wanted to buy books and have the characters sign them! Emelia jumped at the chance...Ethan thought about it for a day and a half and then decided that he wanted one too! He thought we would go back and see all the characters he missed in his book but we decided he would have plenty of others to see!

Emelia's favorite rides were Dumbo, Whinnie the Pooh and the Carousel!!!

I really did not want to come back!!! We always have so much fun as a family when we go there!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Ethan's LATE Check-Up!!

We missed Ethan's 5 year old check-up when Grandpa got "sick" in December so we finally took him today! Our little big guy has gained 20 pounds and 3 1/4" in the last 14 months! Needless to say we were shocked but not overly surprised! He has gone from a size 5 to a size 8 just since June and is now wearing a size 2 shoe!!! Dr Glass said they usually see about no more than 2" growth over a year! He said that he is entitled to the additional poundage due to his height increase. He is well above the 100% for both! WHEW!
Dr.Glass checked out a few other things and gave Ethan a clean bill of health! and a few lectures on eating vegetables! We will see if that helps! Doubt it! For those of you who know the struggles we have had with Ethan eating and still have on any night when he glances sideways at the incomprehensible food on his plate that actually resembles REAL meat and vegetables, this growth spurt really surprizes!
He was incredibly brave and calm while getting his shots and was happy to report to Dr. Glass that he will be on a soccer team! But that is another post!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Let it SNOW!!

We had a blast playing in the snow this weekend! Ethan and Emelia's great grandma Grey sent the kids new boots for Christmas in the hopes that they would have the chance to use them! Well they worked like a charm! We were out for almost two hours yesterday and Garret took them out again for another hour today! Ethan loves the snow....Emelia, well, she has a bit of the southern belle in her and can only handle soo much!

I was supposed to register Ethan for Kindergarten tommorrow! I know! I know! It will have to wait because all the schools in our area are closed due to the ICE!

Pics of our fun!!... And we do not own a sled.

So I had the bright idea to blow up a swimming tube!! It worked until Ethan got on! A little 10W40 and he was good to go!


Last weekend was a weekend of "getting things done"! So I finished my Disney 2009 album, got the kids christmas picture and ethans 5 year old picture done, and finally contacted the person my neighbor used for her blog to "stylize" mine! What do you think???? Much better than the red present bows from before! Enjoy!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Where or Where?

Where o' Where have I been? The very reason I started this blog was to keep up with the fast pace of life! Well I haven't been too good at it since September 21! So to catch myself up I am going to begin with a list....a list of entries and pictures to come to catch myself up!!! And to get myself off from near the BOTTOM of Ali's blog list!!!
* Emelia's 3rd birthday
* Back to Preschool!
* Halloween
* Emelia and Kidneys
* Dad and a new heart- well fixed heart
* Ethan's 5th Birthday
* Ethan's Christmas Program
* Emelia's Christmas Program
* Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
** and other fun stuff in between!
I promise to catch you up soon!!!
Oh and did I tell you we are off to Disney in 7 weeks!